The Legend of Kagham

A brief primer:
In 2001, I found a game called Dransik, that reminded me of the old Ultima game. It was an MMO and was free. Since MMOs were relatively new at the time, it came across as novel and wesome to me.

The game went through tons of transitions, but eventually became Ashen Empires, which can be found here. The game is free, though its graphics may not be up to the modern gamer's expectations. Whatever. My character ( named Kagham) is on the Legends server. Once upon a time, I was pretty well known, so ask around and you may find me.

This story is the background for the character I've played since late 2003. The story is not finished, but I know how it ends. The story is rough and in serious need of editing. I may fix it up some day, but am currently content with where it went and how it developed.

Before this story, I only wrote one or two pieces of “real” and “serious” fantasy. At that point, this was my longest, largest, and most ambitious piece of work. It took almost five years before I tried something this large and crazy again, and that attempt did not end very well.

So; enjoy.

Chapters 1-3
Wherein, the hero does not live, lives, kills, and is killed.

Chapters 4-6
Wherein, the hero find himself young, in love, and then, perhaps less happy than before.

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