The "Stories" Series

A series of stories I wrote that have become known at the Stories. (1-2 is particularly famous.)
Read the warning, it is there for a reason.

Series 1: Fall 2000-Spring 2001.  My junior year of High School.
Series 1 warning/info

Story 1-1
Story 1-2
Story 1-3
Story 1-4
Story 1-5
Story 1-6
Story 1-7
Story 1-8
Story 1-9
Story 1-10

Series 2: Fall 2001-Summer 2002.  My senior year of High School, and the summer thereafter.
Series 2 warning/info
(I am hunting through boxes for Series 2. Stay tuned.)

Series 3: Fall 2010-Current.  Roughly on-going.
Series 3 warning/info

Story 3-1

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