Thursday, April 5, 2018

How I Got So Good at Doing Nothing

You’d think it were nothing, sitting, sitting, sitting;
you’d think that. Most people can’t
sit five minutes in a quiet room.
It takes skill to idle, one, two, three hours.

At six or eight, I’d play, play, play;
as some do. And I’d get tired and wonder
what’d I get. My brother’d say…
aww, I forget, but I’d just sit
and stare while the dogs out back yipped.

It aint easy being easy, easy, easy;
in school. Dedication and hard work
but I stuck to. When the teacher’d ask…
aww, shoot, I’d slack-jaw out the window,
at the young couple picnicking in the soccer fields.

I’m working, but not crazy, crazy, crazy.
I’m a few years older, but you shouldn’t
call it wiser if you can help it.
Those busy-ers say to work so hard
to back-and-forth their days into sleepy nights.

While I watch from the patio.
With lemonade.