Sunday, September 10, 2017

This is what my grandmother taught me

Sit child sit, I want you to know
Nothing matters and nothing is nothing

Don’t let it fall, don’t let it go, all you make is all you’ll ever have
And the things you lose are the things that lose you
And the people who leave are just the leaves
Spinning on the wind

And don’t let it go, don’t fail yourself, your best day is still lost at sunset
If you want something go and get it
And if you find your chains, you are the cutter
And the best things you remember you probably missed

And son you are so loved and so love and so dreamt of
But you if you see the things you meant, what are the things you dreamt
And if you don’t get to the places you were going
Is the going so bad that the places really mattered?

Sit here beside me, sit my young grandson
This is the learning, this is the song, this is the place we find

And I’m dying my son, and my man will go next
And each of us will leave you with everything we loved
When we go, we will take the love with us you know
Your tears are good but they do not grow

There are people next to you who dream of more
There are waterfalls you can hear, dammed by traffic and
If you know it, if you know it, love it. Just love it. There is nothing more.
You can be the best. You are the best. Don’t think too much.

We loved you. We still love you. We won’t stop.
Go and tell them. They’re out there. They want to know, they need
You more than you are not. You more than you can dream.
Don’t worry too much about the things you didn’t do.

And sit son, and sit, and breathe, and this
Will pass if you let it

And can’t you just sing, can you feel
It’s a place to live, god, just to grow
When you’re old, your bones will know
You’ll know it all in the place where you laugh

Take faith, for a moment my boy, because there isn’t
No, there just isn’t. What is isn’t, and that is nothing too.
And usually people are worth it. Some are afraid
And some are sad and you. You are you.

And sit while I go. And I’m glad to have known you.
When you're gone, you are us. And I would.