Friday, June 12, 2015

The Same Horse's Song

Well we met on the doorstep where we both knew it ends
And you waved me inside, said welcome home my friend
I said I’ve been here before, I don’t want to begin
You didn’t have to speak with that Cheshire cat grin
You winked and you laughed and you held me in your hands
And you showed me your heart and called me your man
Took the horse to the race, where it flew up the chart
Fear is faster than a horse, and it pounded in my heart
If the doors were unlocked I couldn’t stay outside
I stumbled through the door, said you had to confide
You’d been down with the horses, running all the races
Against the fastest horse, you end up different places
I told you I’m not fast, I can carry great weight
Maybe a saddle horse can do what all those racers hate
When our feet hit the dirt, you pulled ahead fast
I knew in five seconds the race wouldn’t last
You’d hit the line soon, if I wasn’t first
And the faster I ran, the more that it hurt
You undid your wings, sailed away on the pain
Flew off the track with the birds in the rain
Didn’t know you were an eagle and a rainbow and a song
We were just using old plans all along
There’s nothing inside but our love while you’re away
Said you asked me to come in, but didn’t think I’d stay
You can’t run faster than the earth can turn
The world heaved and pitched while the empty house burned
You didn’t know yourself, didn’t know why you’d changed

No house, no race, no horse, no names