Friday, January 24, 2014

End Lesstin Kering Notes: Abandoned Stories and more

I'd been thinking about how to do the ELK notes, which are things I have to say about the project, aside from the pieces themselves. So, I'm going to run an (as needed) series of End Lesstin Kering Notes. I'll link those in the ELK Master document at the bottom.

This one is on abandoned or scrapped stories.

I've written five ELK pieces so far (only posted one, and part of one, but making a buffer for myself,) and I'm not surprised to say that I also have created two parts of a story that I abandoned for one reason or another.

Normally, in non ELK writing, I would find a way to either repair the flaws in these pieces, or would cut them up for use elsewhere. But for this project, I'm just going to post them at the point I decided they were terminal, for everyone to see what I think is an unworkable story. Some stories will be totally non functional, either in the way I wrote them, or because of some flaw in the story itself. (Decide for yourself why it might be unworkable.) I'll even include my in-work notes, which are usually designated in-text with a series of brackets [note] [[note]] [[[note]]] the number of which have various meanings.

And! A new rule, which will be added to the master document.
Rule) Abandoned stories do not count toward the 52 weeks of ELK writing.

However, they will all be posted, in the order I wrote them, though they will be noted with an X after the story number.
Example: End Lesstin Kering X1 as opposed to End Lesstin Kering 5)

Also worth mentioning, though I am keeping the ELK stories short, I do review and edit them. Abandoned stories are probably unedited, and much rougher than the more polished ELK main series.

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