Friday, January 17, 2014

End Lesstin Kering (Master)

(edit: to find additional End Lesstin Kering posts, use the ELK or end lesstin kering labels. I will make a project list every month, showing the stories written during that time, which I will list here, once it is created.)

(edit 2: List of stories)

Sounds like an odd name for a blog entry, right? So, what is End Lesstin Kering?

I'm going to write (roughly) the same short story, every week, for the next year. Or however long it takes for the basic elements of writing a short story to either fall apart, or become redundant. More on that below.

I've been playing with ideas of story permutation and story production. I want people to see what goes into making a story. I suppose, I dream that some young, beginning writer, will see the garbage I'm making at times and, maybe, feel inspired, or confident.

Over the months, I came up with some odd and interesting ideas, but nothing I felt was so gripping that I wanted to do it. End Lesstin Kering appeared in my mind during a workout. I'm not sure if good ideas are common when exercising. Might be worth investigating.

Common wisdom says there comes a point when additional tinkering offers no value. I'm all for choosing the perfect word, but eventually it doesn't help. Lists of rules often appear suggesting such things. I feel I should start by saying I agree with the general idea. I've destroyed several of my own stories by just rolling them through permutations of the same thing.

But, sometimes, tinkering tells me a lot about the character, and about the character's world that readers never learn. So, I aim to allow a reader to explore a character, more or less, as I do. See the strangeness that is an early draft, or a very late draft, see some of the transformation a character and world can go through.

So, I'm not tinkering as much as entirely recreating. I'm starting blank and writing oneward with roughly the same world.

In this case, I want to see the journey taken by Lesstin Kering as he, week after week, lives the same story, or as close to it as inspiration takes me on any given day.

Below are the rules I aim to follow for End Lesstin Kering:

1) The story may not be more than 1,500 words long
2) The story must be restarted from scratch, every time
3) No more than a week may be spent on one iteration, after which it must be added to the ELK project, regardless of its quality
4) The story should have a beginning, middle, and end, with at least a semblance of a plot arc.
5) Abandoned stories do not count toward the 52 weeks of ELK writing, but still must be posted.

1) I may violate one rule, as long as I do not break the same rule the week before. Any story that breaks a rule will be marked as such, and note which rule was broken.
2) Clearly, I can change the rules, add more, remove some, or whatever feels necessary, as the project moves along.
3) Abandoned stories are posted with an X in their name (eg End Lesstin Kering X1) as opposed to the normal naming structure (End Lesstin Kering 5).


  1. This sounds really fun. What a playful way to explore the actual process of writing. BTW, I come up with my best ideas while in the shower. I think when our body is going through the motions of some rote activity, our minds are free to create.

    1. Good to know I'm not the only one writing in the shower. I hope it is as exciting as it sounds to me. Glad to know you liked the idea too.