Sunday, August 25, 2013

But I DID pay my bill!

A fun story about health care and the post office:

This month, I was supposed to make a payment on the 18th, but it was a Sunday, and they don't accept weekend payments. However, being a government program, they generously move the due date backward, which means I was supposed to make my payment on the Monday the 19th, not Friday the 16th.

I made my payment early on Monday, without trouble. Tuesday passed as normally as Tuesdays do.

On Wednesday, I get a letter telling me to ignore the letter canceling my insurance. I had not received any such letter, and suspected I should not receive one, since I had paid on time. Nonplussed, I threw this letter away.

On Thursday I received a letter telling me I had made my payment on time, and my next payment was due the 19th in September. As expected.

On Friday, I received a letter that said I was late with my payments, and needed to pay for next month AND the month after, before the end of the month, or else my insurance would be canceled.

On Saturday, I received three letters in two envelopes. The first letter told me that my insurance had been canceled, because I had failed to make correct payments before the end of the month. Which was still a week away. Not saying "It will be canceled IF I didn't pay," but that because I failed to pay this month (which was blatantly wrong,) my coverage would be canceled at the end of the month. The second letter kindly informed me that because I had paid on time (which directly contradicted the other one,) my insurance would be reinstated at the beginning of the next. A final letter in the same envelope reminded me that my insurance continued through the end of the month, and that there would be no termination of coverage. Which, I feel, makes it hard to reinstate, given that it is continuing.

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