Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Scent Assault

I was nearly driven out of Caribou by a woman wearing 9 gallons of perfume. The smell nauseated me so badly that I had to retreat to the bathroom to recover.

Thankfully, scent receptors fatigue pretty quickly. When I returned, I couldn't smell it unless I took a deep breath.

So here's a note folks: Use the least scent possible. One spritz near your head/neck will be plenty.

If you're desperate to cover body funk (and are opposed to showers or deodorant,) you can apply one to a hand and kinda rub your wrists together or something. Do not apply more often than once every 12 hours without taking a shower between applications.

Quick defense: Yes, I realize some perfume/cologne is more pungent than others. From across a table, my eyes were watering from the evaporating chemicals. I refuse to believe this happens with a single spritz of anything short of bleach.  


  1. Good lord have I been there.
    You get that sometimes working in a kitchen, too.

    On the last few days of my internship, they brought in the new intern and gave her to me to train in. Felt pretty good, but every day she wore so much perfume the whole line had migraines. It got so bad it made the food always taste off.

    1. In food service especially, I'd think you could have had someone tell her she needed to wear less. DOUBLE ESPECIALLY since it alters food tastes. I'd be surprised if she could have tasted anything with that much fragrance on her.

      Parents: There is a time to talk to your children. That time is now.