Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Series 2. The Lost Series. Of Stories.

(Note: This is not a blog post. I would not have made it one, but I already made the Series 1 page a blog post, so, for continuity, I'm doing the same with the Series 2 page.)

While Series 1 is what drove me to discover/love writing, they were not a real attempt to do anything with writing.  I came up with most of them during math class (which might explain my passing, but not great, grades,) and wrote each one in the course of a day or two.  They existed to be funny, and for the most part, they were.
Series 2 was different.  The plots were familiar, or similarly structured, but I actually put more than ten seconds of effort into any given sentence.  I won't say they were good, but they're at least...I don't know.  They can be read without giving me a headache.  I feel it unfair to ask for more.
That being said, I do not know where Series 2 has gotten itself off to.  I have boxes of writings and I'm sure Series 2 is in there somewhere.  When I find it, I may or may not put them up.  It depends on how many of the ideas I want to steal for future writings.

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