Monday, March 12, 2012

Wise Sayings

Neither wise, nor sayings (at least, not many people have ever said these things,) they are nevertheless, things that are written. Here. And elsewhere, a few times.

I wrote about 40 pages of these in high school. They weren't funny then, and now they're only funny to me because I'm imagining the looks on people's faces if I said these things to them.

My Wise Sayings:
1. Wise is the man who sleeps with his shoes on when it snows.
2) He who sleep, with the sheep, dies with the cows.
3) A frog with four eyes has twice as much blinking to do.
5) He who sleeps in his bed, dies in his coffin.
6) A wise man once said, "I would like some chocolate please."
7) If you remove your ears, how will you hear the butcher calling?
8) Only a fool puts a burning stick in their underpants.
9) Cows who step in their dung wear it all day long.
10) If you fall asleep on the latrine, you may awake in a mess.

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