Monday, March 12, 2012

The Association!?

High school.  1998-2002.  The internet was becoming a big deal.  Search engines like Lycos, Excite, Yahoo, and Hotbot were competing to find a reason for their existence.  MLA (and english teachers everywhere) struggled on how to cite a document found through the internet.

And I, having free time and access to the internet, decided I should learn to make websites instead of doing my homework.  Lots of free website places existed, but Angelfire offered a whopping 50 megabytes of storage space.

That was a lot in the late 90s.

Websites were made of unimpressive text, which didn't take much space, and crappy images of jumping monkeys, which, while they took more space, were also unimpressive.

As linked above (or findable, to the intrepid internet-eers,) I chose angelfire and after several revisions, made this website.

I disabled some of the links when I realized that site still existed.  Some never worked, or run in odd circles.

I was pretty young, so pretend a mentally deranged sea turtle wrote the code and I think you'll gain the appreciation I had for it.

Years later, I worked for a small company making websites.  I got the job based on that previous experience with jumping monkeys and confusing link-circles.

We worked with a single company that had many smaller contractors.  My boss sold sites to these contractors and I did the setup, personalizing any information, fonts, colors, images, etc.  Half the time I fell asleep because I had stayed up too late playing some MMO the night before.

I never wanted to go into web development, so the only sites I continued working on was my mother's and my own (the later is being rapidly replaced and reworked to exist on this blog.)

So, suffice to say, I get a lot of questions about websites.  I'll get into that later.

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