Saturday, February 18, 2012

Writings, Ramblings, or Garbage?

Edit 2-17-12: I combined my blogs, so there's only the one, making this rather redundant.

Will it write?  (And if it does, will anyone care?)
The second question is probably more important, but the first is shorter.  Besides, I can't answer the second one.

Ok, so someone asked me why I have two blogs.  I dunno, because I like two better than one.  It's a prime number, so that's pretty good.

More importantly, I want to separate the huge loogies of nonsense from the small doses of mostly nonsense.

You'll have to guess which is which.

These days, writers are expected to help publicize their work which means I have to know or be able to contact tons of people who want to read what I do.

Why write? (Follow the link.)  
 I see no reason not to share my writing with others.  People like to read and I like to write.  Perfect match. 

Ok, but that doesn't explain why I have two blogs.

Essentially, one blog is "practical" and one is "personal."  In one I have a goal, in the other I have words.  I separate these two because I write a lot and don't want to bury people in floods of less "professional" material.

Maybe people will even find it funny (or at least fun.)  Like skiing with the potential of watching a person fall down (hopefully not ruining themselves in doing so....)

Additionally, some of what I post on this blog qualifies as "repost," which mostly have been posted elsewhere in the past.  Some of the reposts are several years old.  I do not edit repost material very much, so it may not meet my (relatively) high standards.  I still want people to read and enjoy these pieces, but want to make it easy to avoid them.

Solution?  Multiple blogs.

That being said, I also want to know which one people like more.

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