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Nerd, Geek, or Dork? (repost 7 7 2009)

(Edit 12 15 2011: I had several versions of this document.  This is my rough rehash of the version I liked most, though that was not the version I originally posted on the Internet.  The Links are new as well.)

7 7 2009

I'm a nerd, but not a super nerd.  Also, a little bit of a geek.  I'm not a dork at all.  (The difference in terminology cam be found below.)  I say this because I talk about some very strange things, either in person or out loud.
If any reader ever ever became confused by my ramblings, terms, abbreviation, or whatever, I would hope they would either ask or try to look up the answer.  In the age of smart phones and net-books  people can look up almost anything.

I obviously learned this nonsense somewhere, and a good quarter of that "somewhere" has probably been through Google.  Also, most of my nonsense is almost useless, so don't be intimidated, you probably know a lot about something useful.  Which is a plus.

Here are some terms for you.  For the first two, use the second definition, but not for dork.  I'm giving my own version here, which is similar, but not quite what the links say.

Nerd - someone with focused knowledge or skills, often technical or academic in nature.
Geek - someone with an intense interest in something abnormal, including comics, games, electronics, or even science.
Dork - someone with social skills far enough below average as to be awkward and obvious.

The difficulty is that the three are highly related.  A Geek easily becomes a Nerd if they study their interest.  However, a Nerd might have little to no interest in something they know a great deal about.  In many cases, the focused attention of these individuals on their interest or practice gives them little to no time for socializing, leaving them as potential Dorks.
So go search the Internet.  I'll give you time.  See if you find alternate definitions.  I would love to hear them.

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