Friday, February 17, 2012

Humans Amuse Me (repost 6 18 2009)

6-18-2009 (Reposted)
Humans provide me with a never ending supply of amusement.  But also horror.  But also amusement.
I go to a Dunn Brothers coffee shop to write and drink coffee.  I get plain boring coffee because it’s good enough and it’s cheap.   Anyway, I’m sitting there writing and a couple comes in.  The following is basically their dialogue:

Guy “I’d like a large caramel frappuccino.”
Server “Our iced blended drinks are called Iced Cremas.”
Guy “Oh.  I’d like a large caramel Iced Crema.”
Server “And you mam?”
Lady (to the man she came in with) “I don't want to get the same thing as you, and I don’t want caramel." (to the server)  "Do you have other blended drinks?”
Server “The only blended drink we have is Iced Crema, but we do have other flavors than caramel.  They’re over there,” (she points to the menu where it has the flavors.)
Lady “I’ll have an iced latte.”
Server “Ok.  That’s not blended though.”
Lady “It’s not? What blended drinks do you have?”
Server “Our blended coffee drink is called an Iced Crema.”
Guy “See, it’s on the menu there, under Iced Crema.”
Lady “Oh, yes, I see.  I’ll have an iced mocha.”
Server “Ok.  That’s not blended though.”
Lady (now very confused) “Oh.  What are your blended drinks?”
Server (managing to remain very polite) “Iced Crema.  They come in Vanilla, Chocolate, and Caramel.”
Lady “Oh, I’ll have a large caramel Iced Crema.”

I was thoroughly amused.
Later on, some other guy comes in and is looking at teas. 

Tea Guy “What’s the difference between Mango and Vanilla?”
Server “Mango has caffeine.”
Tea Guy “That’s it?”
Server “Well they’re different flavors too.”
Tea Guy, genuinely surprised “Oh.  Really?”

I had to retreat into the bathroom to avoid bursting into laughter.

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