Friday, December 9, 2011

Migration or A history, a man, a plan, but no pallendrome.

Reposting topics

I've been running various websites since 1998, (what, that's not what you think of for 1998? I never forgot the look on that ref's face,) but never really as anything more than a brochure.  I've decided to move most of my website over to Blogger and mostly am going to use the existing templates, because I never made anything fancier than what exists or is possible.  Over the following month or two, I'll bring the dozens of pages I have on my website here and label them as "repost," just so no one thinks I made it right now (now that I'm sure how that thought would be bad.)

I'm a writer.  That will come up a lot.  Now, since authors these days are expected to self-promote (seriously publishers?) this seems a good way to help build a following.  Also, there's a few people who write blogs that I read and I wanted to comment, don't hold that against me (especially if its greasy, I don't want you pressing that against my clean shirt.)

I'll keep it short.  I'm moving things.  I'm a writer.  Nice to meet you, I want to know your name...?

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